Governance DAO

Cubebase DAO litepaper v.1

Another stage of development was successfully completed by the CubeBase Foundation team. Released on the 1st of May 2023, CubeBase Governance DAO is the backbone of the CubeBase ecosystem. This is the most important Web3 app built by the CubeBase Foundation since releasing the new whitepaper on the 9th of March 2023. The CubeBase DAO is a NFT gated web application, where members of the CubeBase community can get actively involved in the decisional system that will push this project forward. The first release of this app will allow users to claim their "membership" NFT based on their CubeBase Token holdings. This NFT will allow users to access a private community board where they can propose, vote and comment about the future plans for the #cubeb token. The #Web3Auth SDK is #WalletConnect compatible provided method. In short, every major wallet is compatible with CubeBase Governance DAO. In the near future the community board will contain off-chain proposals and slowly evolve to on-chain proposals. Other features will be added in time and will be web3-focused.

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