Meet the Team!

1st of March 2023: CubeBase community appoints a new team in charge.

Mobile Expression

👋 CEO — 💌 [email protected] — United Kingdom (UTC)


ME's tip: everyone can get involved with crypto, no special skills required
Elena is a hard working woman, running two small business while taking care of her family. She's been a part of several communities even though she got involved in crypto just a year ago. She has a great personality and she's well trusted by the #CubeB community.

Paul Adrian N.

👋 COO — [email protected] — Romania (UTC+2)


Paul's tip: Never work for someone else.
Paul is a gaming passionate and an experienced coder and trader. Running a small consulting services company, he has been a part of various different projects and companies around Europe. Involved in cryptocurrency since 2018, he's also been a valued team member in several different projects and communities within the crypto space.